December 31, 2013

I have been 61 years old for 26 days.

I am 5’7″ tall.  I weigh 171 pounds with a waistline that measures 39″ at the navel.  It’s a ‘flabby’ 171 pounds, carrying around about 16 pounds too much weight, much of it is the excess body fat I want to eliminate through diet and exercise.

Since tomorrow is January 1st, 2014, and since this is the day we typically make new year’s resolutions (that last about one to two weeks), I going to make a few for myself here and now.

1.  I will lose that 15-16 pounds of fat by exercising six days a week – some of those days ‘hard’ and strenuous exercise; and some other days ‘soft’ and flexible exercise – yoga, stretching, and other movements that work the physique but does not punish it.   (To facilitate this resolution, I spent money, that, if not used, will definitely prove to have been a waste of funds – I joined a Gold’s Gym – opening officially in April, 2014, in Montclair, but giving me basically three ‘free’ months to use other Gold’s Gym locations while they finish building the one in Clairmont.  $59.00 initiation fee and $24.00 for the first month up front… but no other dues until the Clairmont club site opens.)

2.  I will follow the eating concept of a Paleo-like diet, with Michael Pollan’s idea of, “Eat real food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  I will eliminate from my diet for 2014 all wheat products, mostly grains, especially if they contain gluten.  I will also eliminate all sugars – real and artificial.  Learn to drink beverages I usually add sugars (Splenda, etc.) to without them.  My beverage of choice will be water (filtered/purifies), teas, both black and green / hot and cold, and coffee, with HWC (heavy whipping cream).  No more sodas – regular or diet – and no fruit juices. Additional protein, after what is extracted from the fruits and vegetables, will come in the form of eggs (any style), and small amounts (3-6 ounces) of meats – grass-fed beef, fish (deep-water/wild-caught), shellfish (lobster, shrimp, salmon, tuna, talapia, mussels, etc.), pork in the form of bacon and ham, and occasionally some chicken or turkey.

3.  I will work every day to better my voice and breath control as I sing lead, and sometimes  baritone, with Jim, Eric, and Danny as part of the Southern Gospel group Gospel Way Quartet.  Doing this has been a long-time coming, but God has finally given me the opportunity to share his love and message in song and fellowship.

4.  I will focus much more on making 2014 my year of minimalism.  I will give away/sell/donate as much of my excess in possessions and trim away things until I am left with only that which is usable, constant, or with which I find personal beauty and/or utility – everything else is subject to elimination.  “Enjoy More with Less” is an oft-quoted motto.

5.  I will strive to be the husband and help-mate my wonderful wife Bonnie deserves; remembering marriage is not a 50/50% proposition but 100/100% means of being with and supporting one another.

So, there you have it.  A few resolutions, some physique goals (get down to a lean, defined 155 lbs. with a waistline measured at 32″ and a body fat percentage under 18%), and a desire to reach these goals in six months… Target date: 07/01/2014.


I Stole This Idea – Take Your Nest Best Step

December 8, 2011

(originally posted on my other weblog site, Chuck Pruitt’s Blog)

I subscribe to a weblog called the IF Life.  IF stands for “Intermittent Fasting.”  A cool concept, but not the focus of this post.  I am also into two other ideas of his, Two Meals a Day and BodyBurst Training.  But again, not the focus of this post.

The author, Mike O’Donnell, has an article he wrote and sent in his e-mail newsletter and also put on Facebook this morning.  I read through it rather quickly, as I often do, and then had a “WOW” moment; and went back to re-read it slowly and let the material sink in to my conscious.

I’ve nicknamed the idea “TYNBS” which stands for “Take Your Next Best Step.”  This is the main point of Mike’s simple motto; when you’ve done something that screws up your plans (in health, fitness, diet, training, or even your job, relationships or your lifestyle – don’t sit and whine about it.  Don’t be consumed with guilt.  Don’t even worry about it (okay, take three minutes to worry, then put it in your ‘worry box’ and forget about it).

Decide to TYNBS – Take Your Next Best Step.  As Mike explains, “It doesn’t really matter how you got there, only what you are going to do next.”  His point is this:  Okay, now what?  What are you going to do today?  What is the next best step for you to take now?  Don’t tell me that after Christmas (I really dislike calling this time of year the holidays) you plan to start a new exercise program.  I do not want to hear about the great diet you’re going to be engaged in as a new year’s resolution.  I want you (and especially me) to tell me what you’re going to do now – what’s your “Next Best Step?”

You know I recently posted an article following a small weight gain that I was going to “Quit Bread.”  I know I’m not perfect and may (probably will) slip up and fool myself into thinking, “well, it’s just this one time… I’m having a burger with some friends and I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.”  The goal now is to recognize the event if and when it happens and to not beat myself up over it.  I need to Take My Next Best Step.

This simple motto from Mike becomes a mantra.  Didn’t make the time to get the kettlebell swings in – take the next best step.  Disappointed my wife when I forgot to do something she had asked – take the next best step.  Let a day slide without studying my future means of self-employment as a freelance copywriter – take the next best step.  As with any of the areas discussed, including health, fitness, diet, finances, relationships, job or lifestyle, accept the mistake, quickly evaluate the situation, re-focus and determine what it is and “Take Your Next Best Step.”

This is what I’m going to do.  Mike tells us to “reflect and focus on what you want to do in life.  It won’t happen by chance.”  And like he suggests in his post, repeat this process … hourly … daily …monthly … for a lifetime.

You can, and I recommend you do, read his article here.  Then apply the motto to your own life.

~ Chuck

Morning Workout 05/27/11

May 27, 2011

Thanks to online guidance from CST’s Coach Sonnon and Hurst, and Steven Barnes (YouTube can be an amazing training tool), worked through a series Yoga moves:

First up was the CST set – five movements anchored with Mountain Pose at start and finish (these movements are barely held; they are  performed in a “flow”, going from one movement to the next:  Mountain Pose, Trinity Squat, Downward Dog, Plank, Upward Dog, repeat Trinity Squat, and return to Mountain Pose… take several deep breaths, and perform the movement set (flow) again.  Repeat for five sets.

After completing the CST sets, rested for five minutes, then moved into the Five Tibetans + one.  This is a series of movements one can easily ‘google’ online to see the descriptions and how to perform the movements in the series, as well as the recommended number of reps for each.

(1)  Whirling Deverish;  (2)  Supine Leg Raises;  (3)  Camel Pose;  (4)  Table top/Crab Pose;  (5)  Down/Up Dog; and finally, (6) Rocking Seal Rolls.

The goal in the Five Tibetans (+ one) is to begin the series the first week with only a modest three reps for each movement.  Then every few days to add a rep or two, until you are up to 21 reps per exercise (for whatever reasons, 21 has been determined to be the maximum for each movement to give one the best results, and adding more than that does not improve either the exercise or the impact on the body.

And, it goes without saying (but just in case, I’m saying it anyway), all this is done barefoot.

PS:  CST is Scott Sonnon’s outstanding training program from which I’m learning to do FlowFit, TacFit, and Into-Flow.  (CST is Circular Strength Training)  He focuses more on teaching movements than exercising specific muscles; the body doesn’t know muscle work (ie: a set of biceps curls), it recognizes muscle movement.

Faith, Chuck

5 Steps To Becoming Navi: The Avatar Workout Plan

May 18, 2011

This link will take you to an article from Wild Movement

5 Steps to Becoming Navi:  The Avatar Workout Plan  http://goo.gl/FhBGq