February 5, 2014

January 2014 – joined the soon-to-be-built Gold’s Gym in Montclair, CA.  It is scheduled to open its doors on April 01st (no joke!), 2014.

Because they do not open in Montclair until April, I was provided a “travelling pass” card to allow me to workout at any Gold’s Gym near me.  The closest one to work is in Fullerton, and for now does not seem that convenient.  So the next closest is in West Covina, at the Westfield Mall, near Nordstrom’s Rack.  

My current plan is to workout there two times a week, Tuesday and Friday after work (in Anaheim, CA).  I should get there around 6PM to 6:30PM, depending on traffic.  

For the months of February and March, I will be mostly influenced by Tim Ferris and following his outline for ‘minimal’ training in his book, “The 4-Hour Body.  On Tuesday, two exercises – Pull-down, using an underhand grip, and the Overhead Press.  I will do a ‘warm-up’ set of 4-5 reps with a lighter weight to start the session in order to ensure proper alignment and set-up on the training equipment, and then a single set to temporary muscular failure, ideally failing in the 7-8 rep range.  The cadence will be a slow five seconds up, and five down tempo (similar to Body By Science and other slow protocols used to take momentum out of the exercise movement).  That’s it.  As Ferris says, “…the temptation to do more will be overwhelming – don’t do it!”  I will do a short ride on the stationary bike before (6 minutes) and after (6-8 minutes) the work session.

Friday’s workout will also only be two exercises: a slight-incline Pec Press and a Leg Press.  As with the other session, a stationary bike warm-up of about six minutes, and a cool-down of six-to-eight minutes (especially after the leg work) will complete the Friday session.  The rep range and cadence for the Pec Press will still be in the 7-8 rep range, however, because of the larger/stronger leg muscles, the Leg Press will be in the 10-12 range, with the cadence the same as the other exercises.

Wednesday and Saturday will have three exercise movements – the high-rep kettlebell swing, ab wheel rollouts, and bridging over a stability ball.  For the kettlebell swings, I will be using a 25-pound bell to start and will break the swing reps into sets of 12-15 at the beginning, working to 100+ (and eventually, 150-plus).  As I gain strength and stamina for the swings, I’ll add more reps and few sets to build up to the desired total numbers of swings.  I may throw in a couple of sets of biceps curls once in a while on Saturdays because, you know how men like to have the ‘show’ muscle pose.

I pan to follow the high-rep kettlebell swings with the ab wheel rollouts.  The goal here is going to be five sets of five reps, done in a medium-slow pace to maximize tension on the abs.  After the rollouts, it will be time for some bridging performed over a stability ball, a few sets of 20-30 second rounds, building to 60-90 second sets.

Monday and Thursday will have their own little sessions of very basic yoga movements and stretching to keep the body fluid but still allow a recovery mode.

I will be following Ferriss’ “Slow-Carb Diet” for the most part, while also going a little bit “Paleo” by eliminating wheat and wheat products, potatoes and potato products, sugars, artificial sweeteners, sodas – both diet and regular- and most corn and corn products.  A lot of my meals will resemble a “Chipotle Burrito Bowl” in its construction – some meat, beans, a kind of pico de gallo of fresh tomatoes cut very small, onions, etc., a dollop of sour cream, sometimes some fresh guacamole, grated cheese, a handful of chopped lettuce, and toss on some hot sauce; all done either at a Chipotle’s restaurant or made at home.  In addition, I’ll be eating a lot of eggs – whole, including the white and the yolk – some steaks, some wild-caught fish, lobster and/or scallops when the budget permits, and bacon (crisp, and only on occasion)… 

Beverages will focus on filtered water, tea (both iced and hot), and coffee.  Sweetener will be Stevia and – for a while – I’ll add some milk or cream to the coffee. 

The basics of the slow-carb diet are meats, beans, and non-starchy vegetables.  For the first few months, I will not be consuming fruit (part of eliminating sugars and fructose) with the exception of an occasional apple, banana, orange or handful of grapes.  I will be upping the amount of raw nuts I eat, focusing on almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamia and walnuts; but, again, only a handful and then only a few times a week.

I am starting this transformation, this metamorphosis, if you will, in February 2004.  It is an experiment of one that will run from February through the end of June and then I will do an evaluation of the results. 

Starting weight is 170 pounds.  Waistline, measured at the navel, is 39 inches.  Goals are 155 pounds and 32 inches.  Age – 61 and two months.

I am going to work hard, both physically, nutritionally, spiritually, and through this blog write posts as I progress, to keep an honest, informative, and hopefully, positive progress via this journal.  I doubt anyone else will read it; I don’t make an effort to share this blog with others.  It is mostly a way to record my thoughts, goals, set backs, problems, successes, and how I achieve my desired level of fitness, strength, and renewed health.  

~ Chuck