I’ve Been Lazy/Busy, But…

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very busy with work and with my mom.

She is getting scheduled to have knee replacement surgery (had it done on her other knee several years ago) and they want to do an angiogram first next Monday.  At 83 years, she ain’t no spring chicken anymore – but she has the heart and spirit of a true warrior (warroirist?).

Anyway, the physician’s assistant who was helping with the scheduling of the angiogram told her four things could happen:  1) she could come through just fine and they set a date for the knee replacement; 2) she could have a stroke during the procedure; 3) she could have a heart attack; or 4) she could die.  If I had been there at this ‘counseling’ session, I’d have bitch-slapped the PA – the way my mom says she delivered these options was like ordering from an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet – you know, “I’ll take one from column A and two from column B.”

But I did come across a great little article on “barefooting and the American Dream” I think you’d enjoy.

Go to:   http://t.co/lirWbDW and check it out.


barefoot chuck


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