Low-Fat Raw-Vegan Progresses

Wow.  It has been over a week now and the Challenge is not as straight forward as I thought it was going to be.

Birthdays and graduation parties have been playing havoc on my plans.  Add a change in income (wife now looking for a new job) that saw our household lose over a $1,000 a month net, and all of a sudden, it’s back to the pantry to see what’s there to eat.

The original plan was that some of the things I usually eat from the pantry would simply not be replaced as it was consumed… i.e.: cans of tuna, rice cakes, etc., as I went to a vegan diet.  I had planned that those items that no longer fit my criteria for “100% raw vegan – whole, fresh, raw, ripe, (preferably organic,) plant foods – would be eaten by my wife Bonnie (who is not making this journey with me but is being supportive of my efforts) and even our mini-Yorkie.

Unfortunately, at this time we have to decide between buying the fresh fruits and tender greens I now need to be a raw vegan and paying the electric and gas bill… guess which one won?  That’s right.  So as I struggle to keep transitioning to 100% raw I have to face the practicality that I still need to eat to sustain health; even if it’s not the path to superior health I believe I should be on with 811rv.

But she was good about our last trip to Trader Joe’s Market (our favorite while we learn more about the Farmer’s Markets around us); I stocked up on 15 bananas, 3 oranges, a bag of 8 grapefruits, a 1.5 lb. container of grapes, a cantaloupe, several apples, and a large mango (that will be new to me – I’ve never had mango before).

I know for most raw vegans the groceries are maybe a days’ worth of food, but I’ll have to stretch it for a few days.  And actually, I consider eating less right now an okay proposition as I have easily 25-30 pounds to lose (175 to 150 or so) and so fewer calories as I ramp up to the LFRV goal is okay with me.  I’m not suffering any hunger pangs or desires for other cooked foods, even thought I succumbed to a burger and potato salad at the niece’s grad party and had fish and steamed veggies at the birthday function.  But at two others, I was able to load up on lots of raw salad stuff and had enough self-disciple to not eat the chips and dips (something I would automatically done in the past).  Oo-Rah!

So it looks like to just be sure I’m getting at least 1,800 calories a day for now, I may have to eat some of the foods I’m trying to cut out… but I’m going to work at going without those foods and just stretching the fruit and vegetables over a longer period by eating less for now.  I know one of the downfalls for people trying to go raw vegan is not getting enough ‘calories per bite’ – cooked foods are much more calorically dense and so one can consume less food to get the need calories.  But my goal is to eat between 2,500 and 3,500 calories, depending on physical activity, and to achieve that requirement is going to involve chowing down on a much greater volume of food.

Well, as pharaoh said, “so it is written, so let it be done.”  I think I’ll jump over to ‘30 Bananas a Day‘ for some more inspiration.

~ barefoot chuck


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