LFRV – Day Two

Day 2 of my 30-day challenge to go low-fat raw-vegan…

Slept late (9:30AM) after hitting the sack early last night (got about 10 hours sleep/rest).  My wife had her graduation ceremonies at Citizens Bank Arena in Rancho Cucamonga (CA) on Saturday and my mom was not able to make it.  So she invited us out to have lunch (her treat) today (Monday, 6/6/11).

Wound up at Carrow’s Restaurant in Banning (CA) where mom lives (about 50+ miles from Bonnie and me in Claremont).  Had the dinner portion of the Cobb salad, minus the meat (there was a few bites of hard-boiled egg in it – and yes, I ate them).

Dinner was a bowl of three bananas cut up to bite size, followed by a couple of handfuls of baby carrots and three stalks of celery with iced tea.  I know, not enough calories – but I wasn’t really that hungry and part of the ‘philosophy’ is on a healthy raw food diet, eat as much as you want, whenever you want.  I just wasn’t that hungry today.  But on the way home, we did stop at a produce stand and pick up some more fresh fruits and veggies.

So far, probably because it’s so early in the challenge, no problems.  But I understand the cravings will probably begin soon for the cooked foods and especially the dairy (cheese) – I have been a cheese and chip (or rice cakes, or whatever) fiend.  Cabot brand extra-sharp cheddar cheese (1/2-a-block — 6-8 ounces), half a bag of light salt rice cakes, and a few glasses of iced tea was a regular meal three or five times a week.  Some would say trying to jump in ‘cold turkey’ without any transition is not the best way to go.  But I have always been a go-for-it personality; if I’m going to do something, I do some initial research and planning and then jump right into it.  As some trainers in the physical side of say, Go Hard or Go Home.

Change is coming.  I’m ready for it.  And I’ve gotten in the habit already of repeating the mantra from Dr. Doug Graham and his book 80-10-10:  whole, fresh, raw, ripe, organic (preferably) plant foods.

~ barefoot chuck

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