Your Day Without Shoes Is Coming – June 11, 2K11


Go barefoot for YOU on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

It’s Your Day Without Shoes, 24 hours to rediscover the world with your feet as nature intended: shoeless.  If you hate shoes, love to flex your toes or generally just don’t feel like donning footwear most of the time, join us.  Help us advocate for and share the benefits of going barefoot.

The #1 thing we hear from others about their feet:

“I’d go barefoot all the time if it were socially acceptable.”
Let’s make it!

  • Going barefoot is healthy and helps feet to be flexible, strong and have healthy skin and nails.  Risks to bare feet are actually quite low as long as you pay attention and be careful.
  • You have a natural and legal right to go without shoes.  Many people mistakenly think that it’s against the law, health codes or OSHA regulations to go barefoot in public, but it ISN’T.
  • “No bare feet” policies are ill-conceived and discriminate against good people.  You have the right to do what you want with your feet — including go barefoot!
  • It’s “green” to go without shoes.  Bare feet are less disruptive to the ground and shoes are typically made of glues and dyes consisting of many unnatural chemicals.  Shoes can also be so painful, make your feet sweaty and smelly and block the 400,000 nerve endings in the soles of your feet from sensing the world around you.
  • You don’t need to support a special cause or charity in order to go barefoot.  Just because some people can benefit from having shoes doesn’t mean they need to be worn all the time.

3 out of 4 Facebook users say they would go barefoot in public
if the weather was nice and they thought it was “socially acceptable.”1

Men, women, children, seniors or anyone else who loves the feeling of going without shoes and flexing their toes can participate in Your Day Without Shoes.  
We suggest that people participate only if they don’t have a medical condition that makes going barefoot dangerous (see our disclaimer for more information).

Go wherever your feet care to take you!  Try to break free from going without shoes in just your home or garden.  Help change the tide away from ill-conceived ideas about bare feet formed decades ago.  Go shopping, dining, to a concert or a game.  If you’re not quite daring enough to go barefoot around the masses, go to the park or find a trail and go for a hike!

1. Based on results from a Facebook question conducted in Apr. 2011 by Barefoot and Grounded.


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