Morning Workout 05/27/11

Thanks to online guidance from CST’s Coach Sonnon and Hurst, and Steven Barnes (YouTube can be an amazing training tool), worked through a series Yoga moves:

First up was the CST set – five movements anchored with Mountain Pose at start and finish (these movements are barely held; they are  performed in a “flow”, going from one movement to the next:  Mountain Pose, Trinity Squat, Downward Dog, Plank, Upward Dog, repeat Trinity Squat, and return to Mountain Pose… take several deep breaths, and perform the movement set (flow) again.  Repeat for five sets.

After completing the CST sets, rested for five minutes, then moved into the Five Tibetans + one.  This is a series of movements one can easily ‘google’ online to see the descriptions and how to perform the movements in the series, as well as the recommended number of reps for each.

(1)  Whirling Deverish;  (2)  Supine Leg Raises;  (3)  Camel Pose;  (4)  Table top/Crab Pose;  (5)  Down/Up Dog; and finally, (6) Rocking Seal Rolls.

The goal in the Five Tibetans (+ one) is to begin the series the first week with only a modest three reps for each movement.  Then every few days to add a rep or two, until you are up to 21 reps per exercise (for whatever reasons, 21 has been determined to be the maximum for each movement to give one the best results, and adding more than that does not improve either the exercise or the impact on the body.

And, it goes without saying (but just in case, I’m saying it anyway), all this is done barefoot.

PS:  CST is Scott Sonnon’s outstanding training program from which I’m learning to do FlowFit, TacFit, and Into-Flow.  (CST is Circular Strength Training)  He focuses more on teaching movements than exercising specific muscles; the body doesn’t know muscle work (ie: a set of biceps curls), it recognizes muscle movement.

Faith, Chuck

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