Reconsider Barefoot

“Reconsider Barefoot” from

We are a growing movement of people who are shedding our unhealthy, uncomfortable and even dangerous footwear to let our feet be free.  We advocate for those who prefer to live barefoot – even in public.  We are taking our feet back. 

Going barefoot is a great way to stay feeling young, healthy, relaxed and more connected with your surroundings.  Our feet are not meant to hold footwear onto the ends of our legs.  Shoes should never replace the job of our feet!  We encourage you to reconsider barefoot and let feet be feet first for yourself and others.


  • Safe – The risks in going barefoot are low and feet are resilient.  Be careful and you will be fine.
  • Healthy – Bare feet are strong, flexible and help the whole body feel better from the ground up.
  • Hygienic – Shoes are often the main contributors for sweaty, gross feet and fungal infections.
  • Legal – Shopping, driving and dining barefoot are freedoms not prohibited by any laws or codes.
  • Appropriate – Feet are not indecent or inappropriate.  What’s “proper” is relative and always changing.
  • Comfortable – Relax and de-stress.  Don’t put on those stuffy, stiff and painful shoes.  Free your feet.
  • Professional – Going barefoot makes people happier.  Happy workers are more productive.  How professional.
  • Fashionable – Bare feet are the “new black,” but will never go out of style.  That looks good on you.
There is a lot more info available on their website.  Check it out.

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