It All Started One Day In May (2K11)

Everyone kept telling me, “Hey, Chuck, you should start a blog and share things on it.”

So finally, I said, “Okay… I’ll do it.”

As you can tell from the header, one of my primary interests is being barefoot, going places barefoot, doing things barefoot, challenging the world of shoes and shod people, and sharing the benefits of barefootism.

But today, I’m just setting up the blog, picking out a free theme, deciding who and what I want to link to, what ideas (other than just barefoot  references and concepts I want to blog about, and generally just getting started.

You may find the blog interesting.  You may not.  It may have content you will be interested in.  It may not.  I t may have links and suggestions you find to your liking.  And, it may not.  I’ll write, you can read, and if it does pique your interest or curiosity, check back occasionally.  I’ll try not to be boring, but do realize I am writing this blog as much for me as for anyone who may stumble across it.

Hope you enjoy the posts.

Faith, Chuck

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